... every hope of the spring: that's Judy, my Judy.
If her voice can bring...

"I can’t remember who had the party; I know Oscar Levant was there, I think [Ira] Gershwin was there — and all the top people of Hollywood. And I wanted to go to the ladies’ room, so I went upstairs to the hostess’s bedroom… and Judy was sitting on the floor, kind of smilling. I said, ‘Hey, can I join you?’… and we had a real one-to-one, woman-to-woman talk. And she said, ‘You know the toughest thing for me: I’m at the best studio. I’ve got the most wonderful directors and cameramen and people to work with… But I’m also at a studio where there’s Ava Gardner and there’s Lana Turner and there’s Gloria DeHaven,’ and she went through [the list of] all the big stars, Greer Garson and everybody that was [at MGM]. And she said, ‘They’re all so beautiful. And I look at myself and I know I’m not beautiful.’ And I said, ‘Judy… You’re out of your mind. The way you sing, the way you look with those gorgeous eyes and that wonderful voice and that great personality. I’ve got to tell you: you’re the most beautiful one of them all.’ And we threw our arms around each other and cried. And then I said, ‘Come on, let’s go back to the party,’ and that’s the way the evening ended. But I mean, it’s true. She was as beautiful as anybody. — Margaret Whiting.

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